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Enjoy authentic experiences that make your guided vacation unique.

On Your Own, You See. On a Tour, You Do.

Every Globus tour includes exclusive Local Favorites, specially included to share the authentic experiences that make each destination unique. Get to know the locals and local flavors you might just miss on your own!

Here are a few of our top favorites:
Visit Castellana Grotte on the Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy tour

The Grotte du Castellana is one of the largest cave systems in Italy stretching for over two miles. The underground tunnels are a natural marvel with stunning geological formations illuminated in a rainbow of hues as the sun moves through the sky.


Bake Scones at Rathburn Farm on the Introduction to Ireland tour

Someone’s in the kitchen in Rathbaun Farm, just outside of Galway. You can don an apron and whip up your own delicious homemade scones, served with fresh preserves and whipped cream. Learn about the long-time tradition of sheep farming in this beautiful Irish landscape.


Tango Lesson and Show in Buenos Aires on the South America Getaway tour

Like two dancers entwined in perfect sync, the Tango and Argentina go hand in hand. Feel the passion of this iconic dance at a local milonga (Tango house), where professional tango dancers teach you the traditional techniques of the Argentine Tango. After learning some of the key dance moves, the professionals will delight you in Tango Show featuring the dance as it has evolved through the ages. Plus, dine on Argentine specialties and wine too!


Port Wine Tasting in Porto on the Portugal in Depth tour

You’re invited to the home of the most internationally recognized Porto wines at the magnificent Sandeman Wine Cellars. Here, taste centuries of tradition in a glass of Port wine in the city that bears its name. Saúde!


Australia Zoo Excursion on the Great Sights of Australia tour

Go behind the scenes for a look at Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital. Founded by Steve and Terri Irwin, it is home to amazing work being done by an extraordinary team of veterinarians. All proceeds from your included visit directly benefit the hospital to help provide specialized care to wildlife. Whether it’s a kangaroo hit by a car, a flying fox entangled in a fence, or a sea turtle that has ingested plastic, the team at the Wildlife Zoo are dedicated to returning them back into the wild.


Beyond Words Excursion in Gander on the Newfoundland & Labrador tour

Take a moving Beyond Words Tour in the historic aviation city of Gander, where nearly all its streets are named for legendary fearless flyers such as the Wright brothers, Lindbergh, and Earhart. Here, you’ll learn about how, following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Gander and surrounding communities welcomed, housed, and fed nearly 6,700 unexpected guests for up to five days when all North American airspace was ordered closed. Ten years later, Gander was presented with two pieces of steel recovered from New York's World Trade Center buildings in appreciation of the Town's extraordinary compassion and generosity.


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